Toute la France dessine during summer 2021!

Thanks to the support of the French Ministry for culture, the operation by the International Comics and Visual Arts Center of Angoulême (CIBDI) is renewed in summer 2021 from June 21st to August 14th.Read more

2021 BUCHEON Residency

The City of Bucheon, a member of UNESCO's Creative Cities Network (UCCN) since 2017 in the Literature category, has worked hard to promote the cultural content industry by building cultural infrastructure for comics, animation, film, music and libraries. Bucheon, transformed from a garden city to an industrial city and then a city of culture within less than 50 years, wishes to share the unique knowledge and experience gained with the international community.Read more

Celebration of the French Language

Angoulême UNESCO Creative City of Literature celebrates International Francophonie Day.Read more

A New Breath for Lebanese Creation

The French Institute, the ACCR network and the Institute of Lebanon have teamed up to invite 100 Lebanese artists in residence in France, through an emergency program "NAFAS" following the explosion of August 4 in Beirut.Read more

Seventies souls in Sousse

To celebrate the international day of the Francophonie, Sousse will host the FIBD exhibition "Âmes Seventies"

The second edition of the International Comic Festival of Sousse, organized by Roselyne Cordin, President of the Union of French Abroad of Sousse, in partnership with the International City of Comic and visual art of Angoulême, will be held at the end of 2021 (depending on sanitary conditions).Read more

The Unesco club invades the city's shops windows!

With Bubble Showcase, the association Cap BD Angoulême seeks to share comics with the general public in the spirit of street art.Read more

The city after has its winner

Comic strip competition «  post-pandemic city » has its winner. Organised in partnership with the City of comics and visual arts, this competition had the ambition to stimulate utopian ideas, awareness and cultures from all over the world, the intention was to share a collective reflection on the future of our cities in regards of many questions that were raised by the COVID-19 pandemic.Read more

Comics at Segou

he pupils of Marguerite de Valois in connection with Segou (Mali) through a comic book project

Cap BD Angoulême, the Angoulême twinning committee, and the Festival on Niger Foundation have joined forces for a project bringing together around twenty young people from Angoulême and Segovia, who met by videoconference in December.Read more

The year of comics continues

Due to the global pandemic, many events which were to take place in 2020, for the year of comics, had to be postponed or canceled, so the French Ministry of Culture decided to extend the festivities.Read more

A painted wall for the first RIMa

The 27th Angouleme's mural representing the 1st Marine Infantry Regiment of Angoulême was inaugurated.
Read more