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A New Breath for Lebanese Creation

The French Institute, the ACCR network and the Institute of Lebanon have teamed up to invite 100 Lebanese artists in residence in France, through an emergency program "NAFAS" following the explosion of August 4 in Beirut.Read more

4th edition of "Readers' Bubble" Awards

On Thursday, September 10 , in the presence of the authors, the awards ceremony of the 2019/2020 edition took place, live from the Departmental Reading Service.
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Gurnah's home

A residence of artists in the Valley of the Kings

The French Institute, the International Comics and visual arts center, Greater Angoulême, and the City of Angoulême are associated to develop an artists' residence in Upper Egypt.
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"The Readers' Bubble": launch of the 2019/2020 selection

In partnership with the International City of Comics

On Friday, November 15, 2019, the 6 comic book titles selected for the 4th edition of "The Readers' Bubble" were unveiled.
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