2021 BUCHEON Residency

The City of Bucheon, a member of UNESCO's Creative Cities Network (UCCN) since 2017 in the Literature category, has worked hard to promote the cultural content industry by building cultural infrastructure for comics, animation, film, music and libraries. Bucheon, transformed from a garden city to an industrial city and then a city of culture within less than 50 years, wishes to share the unique knowledge and experience gained with the international community.Read more

Celebration of the French Language

Angoulême UNESCO Creative City of Literature celebrates International Francophonie Day.Read more

The year of comics continues

Due to the global pandemic, many events which were to take place in 2020, for the year of comics, had to be postponed or canceled, so the French Ministry of Culture decided to extend the festivities.Read more

Discover Cities of literature, the website that brings together UNESCO's literature creative cities of which Angoulême is a member.Read more

Québec en toutes lettres

Québec (Canada), a UNESCO Creative City of Literature since 2017, together with the Festival ‘Québec en toutes lettres’, organized virtually ‘La grande traversée poétique’(The great poetic journey) from October, 23rd to 25th 2020.Read more

Bucheon’s first Diaspora Literary Award

Bucheon, a UNESCO Creative City of Literature in the Republic of Korea, is organizing the first Bucheon Diaspora Literary Award(BUDILIA).Read more

Solidarity to the Liban

Following the two explosions of August 4th, 2020 that devastated Beirut (Lebanon), a UNESCO Creative City of Literature since 2019, the Secretariat of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network launched an appeal to its member cities to collect their actions carried out or envisaged in support of Beirut and its inhabitants.Read more

17 Books for the 17 SDGs

Iowa City (United States of America), a UNESCO Creative City of Literature since 2008, initiated the collective project “17 Books for the 17 SDGs” with fellow Creative Cities of Literature around the world. The project aims at drawing attention to and raise awareness of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development through books and storytelling.Read more

RCVU annual conference postponed

As many events in recent months, the annual conference of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network will be postponed due to the health crisis.Read more

French creative cities facing the epidemic

While the COVID-19 virus is affecting the entire planet, UNESCO's creative cities and especially French cities,share their best practices, to maintain a cultural offer for all in these times of crisis.Read more