Angoulême Creative City UNESCO

In 2019, Angoulême was recognised as UNESCO’s Creative City for its pioneer role in the field of comics. It joins the prestigious circle of 42 literary cities designated by UNESCO around the world.
For the first literary city in France, it is a great recognition in two respects: for Angoulême as the World Capital of Comics and for the 9th art as a literary genre in its own right.

What is the Creative Cities Network?

The UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN) was created in 2004 to promote cooperation with and among cities that have identified creativity as a strategic factor for sustainable urban development.  This Network includes 295 members worldwide in seven creative fields: Crafts and Folk Art, Design, Film, Gastronomy, Music, Media Arts, and Literature.

France has 8  creative cities:

  • Angoulême (literature)
  • Cannes (Film)
  • Enghien-les-Bains (Media Arts)
  • Lyon (Media Arts)
  • Saint-Etienne (Design)
  • Limoges (Craft and Folk Arts)
  • Rouen (Gastronomy)
  • Metz (Music)

All creative cities are united around a common goal: to put creativity and cultural industries at the core of their development plan at the local level and to cooperate actively at the international level.

By joining the Network, cities are committed to sharing best practices, building partnerships that promote creativity and cultural industries, strengthening participation in cultural life, and integrating culture into urban development plans.

How is the Creative Cities Network positive for my city?

This designation perpetuates the international influence of the city of Angoulême and contributes to its economic, touristic, and educational development.

It is a real springboard for the local operators, which reinforces the international and regional appeal to investors and economic actors, qualified creatives, students, and tourists.


Angoulême is anchored in the network of UNESCO tourist sites of Nouvelle Aquitaine Region (composed of Bordeaux, Blaye, Saint Emilion, Lascaux, the way to Santiago, Limoges, Saint-Savin), impacting the tourist attraction of the city and its financial benefits.

Education and training

This is an opportunity to develop our initial and ongoing training in the field of excellence of visual arts and will allow us to set up student exchanges around the world and offer employment opportunities to our young people.

Work opportunities

The UNESCO brand enhances Angoulême’s strengths to develop local economic activity and attract many companies in the field of visual and digital arts, comics but also in ever more sophisticated fields such as robotics.

What actions are planned by Angoulême in this context?

Angoulême sets up 9 actions for the 9th art:

  1. Animating an international reflection on the Comic Strip sector
  2. Share comic book know-how
  3. Develop the welcome for the creation
  4. Protecting creation internationally
  5. Strengthening the social link with young people through the Strip of Depression
  6. Defending the creation of women in the comic book industry.
  7. Promoting creation and heritage with an international dimension
  8. Facilitating access to university training in comics
  9. Organize urban land use through comics.

9 major assets for the city