To celebrate the international day of the Francophonie, Sousse will host the FIBD exhibition “Âmes Seventies”

The second edition of the International Comic Festival of Sousse, organized by Roselyne Cordin, President of the Union of French Abroad of Sousse, in partnership with the International City of Comic and visual art of Angoulême, will be held at the end of 2021 (depending on sanitary conditions).

To celebrate the International Day of the Francophonie, the off-festival of Sousse invites you to the exhibition “Souls seventies – When the festival was called salon” Sunday, March 21th, 2021 at the Sousse Theatre. This event will mark the first reopening of Sousse’s Theatre since the march 2020 lock down.

Visit of the exhibition, conference, testimonies with the participation of Mr. Ikbel Mohamed KHALED, Mayor of Sousse, Xavier Bonnefont, Mayor of Angoulême, Delphine Groux, President of the Association of the International Festival of the Comic Strip (FIBD), Francis Groux, co-founder of the Angoulême festival, and Mr. Lotfi BEN SASSI, artistic director of the festival.

The exhibition “Seventies souls” (Âmes seventies) of the association of the FIBD, recalls on the creation of the festival of Angoulême, through photos, anecdotes and posters.

At the origin of the festival are Francis Groux, Jean Mardikian and Claude Moliterni. The first, passionate about comics involved in the local association, approaches the second at the time deputy mayor of Angoulême in charge of Culture, to organize cultural events on comics. The third organized in Paris “Ten Million Images: The Golden Age of Comics”, the first major comic book exhibition in France.

In 1972, Groux and Mardikian organized a “Comic Book Fortnight” with the help of Molitarni. Franquin, Gotlib, and other famous authors came to the municipal museum for signing sessions. Success is on the agenda, the event well received by booksellers, authors and the public.

In 1973, Claude Moliterni invited Groux and Mardikian to the international comic book fair in Lucca, Italy, which he co-founded, the organizers agreed to be copied and three months later was born: Le Salon.

The success was immediate: 10,000 visitors came to meet the authors at the Museum of Angoulême. This is the beginning of the adventure for the Angoulême International Comic Festival.