The comic book author Tristoon and his monsters invade Marguerite de Valois Junior secondary school to accompany his students in the creation of a comic.

This project, initiated by the Charente Dpartment, in partnership with the International Comics and visual arts center, aims at leading the young for success and discover the magical world of 9th art.

In November 2019, began for the author Tristan Lagrange, aka Tristoon, a quite special residency. The artist has set up his studio in Marguerite de Valois. The comic book author accompanied the 150 pupils to create and publish their book, while working on his third volume of Bulby Crunch. At the same time, Michelle Pallet’s children were commissioned to produce video and radio reports on the work of their fellow comic artists.

This experience, which was still new in Charente, allowed the pupils to discover all the steps necessary to create a comic book and thus to approach writing and storytelling in a more playful way.

The project, which was scheduled to take place from November 2019 to April 2020, was somewhat interrupted by the health crisis when the college closed on March, 16th. A “Draw Your Monster” challenge on Facebook was then launched, to keep a link with the locked-down pupils.

The work was later resumed and this collaboration gave birth at the end of 2020 to the comic strip “Carnival of the Monsters”.

An experience immersed in the world of strange little beasts that enriched and stimulated the children, as well as the author.

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