The Charente department launches a new exhibition in the footsteps of Spartacus.

This new exhibition presents facsimiles of stripboards, linking fiction and architecture of the entertainment buildings in Rome extracted from 4 albums: Alix the Intrepid ( 1949 ), The Lost Legions ( 1962 ), The Etruscan Tomb ( 1968 ), and The Son of Spartacus ( 1975 ).

A challenge is launched for the most adventurous: by appealing to all your senses find the helmet of Spartacus in 45 minutes.

This “roman game” just a stone’s throw from a true Gallo-Roman theatre is for all audiences, whether you are, with family, friends, or alone.

Exposition « Alix et les Jeux à Rome »

Free Entry

Jun 19 to 21: 1 pm to 6pm.

July 1st to august 31 (exept july 14 and august 15) :
Monday-Friday : 10 am to 12.30pm and 1.30pm to 6 pm
Saturday-Sunday : 13pm to 6pm.

Sept 19 to 20 : 1pm to 6pm

Oct 17 to 30: Wednesday to Sunday 1pm to 6pm.

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Patrimoine 16 – site de la Charente-Nouvelle exposition “Alix et les Jeux à Rome”
Patrimoine 16 – site de la Charente – Saint-Cybardeaux
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