On July 9th, the 120 children from Angoulême, Saint Saturnin, Soyaux, L’Isle d’Espagnac and Champniers presented their creations following the comic strip workshops.

As mentioned on our last article, the association Cap BD Angoulême, club for UNESCO, and the social centre CAJ La Grand-Font launched the first edition of their project « The Hugo Pratt bus meets young talents ».

The 120 young talents discovered all the creations displayed in an exhibition in the Angoulême Town hall inner court, in the presence of Denis Debrosse, President of Cap BD Angoulême, Gérard Desaphy, Angoulême City councillor in charge of creative city and francophony, Michaël Laville, Mayor of Champniers, Michèle Bardin, Saint Saturnin Deputy mayor in charge of education, youth and communication, Jean-Christophe Pèbre, L’Isle d’Espagnac Deputy mayor – education culture and communication, and Jérôme Grimal, Soyaux Adjoint Deputy mayor – sustainable development, urban planning, economy and trade.

With the local writers Angèle Villeneuve and Nicolas Gazeau, the children reflected on their vision of their future world. A printed book gathered all their creations was offered to each participant, as well as a comic book on the Charente history.

The young and their family enjoyed a friendly moment animated by the dance company Izumi, next to the Hugo Pratt bus, symbol of the project.

Thank you to Julien Picard and the volunteers of the association MTCA (Angoulême public transport memory association).

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