The 27th Angouleme’s mural representing the 1st Marine Infantry Regiment of Angoulême was inaugurated.

The 1st Marine Infantry Regiment (1st RIMa) proposed the construction of a painted wall, an idea that was adopted by the City. The objective: to ensure more visibility for the regiment in its immediate environment, to strengthen its integration and anchorage in its city, and to improve its ownership by the people of Angoulême.The city has therefore fully joined this project.

The wall located on the street of the tunnel is visible from the Boulevard de la République. This fresco, composed of significant elements of the regiment’s history, is signed by Fawzi Baghdadli of the Marquis Workshop. In partnership with the 1st RIMA, the City of Angoulême has entrusted the construction of the work to Cité Creation.

To the right of the mural you can see Richelieu, the creator of the ancestors of the current French marine forces; on the left, an imposing globe and an anchor; in the middle, a lighthouse. A multitude of symbols to celebrate the army without explicit references to the war “the work was not to represent anything bellicose”.

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