The City of Bucheon, a member of UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network (UCCN) since 2017 in the Literature category, has worked hard to promote the cultural content industry by building cultural infrastructure for comics, animation, film, music and libraries. Bucheon, transformed from a garden city to an industrial city and then a city of culture within less than 50 years, wishes to share the unique knowledge and experience gained with the international community.

Bucheon, City of Literature is delighted to announce an open call for the Bucheon Residency Program to offer two residencies in October-November 2021, hoping that many creative talents interested in Korean culture will get involved.

Writers, translators and cartoonists of comics and graphic novels can apply for the 2021 Bucheon residency programme from any creative cities regardless of their creative field. This year to commemorate the inaugural Bucheon diaspora literaty award, Bucheon is seeking to work with artist who have diapora experiences (e.g. has published work or taken part in diaspora related activities -not mandatory)

The residency will take place in october-november 2021 for a period of six weeks, airfares, acommodation near Bucheon city hall and food expenses (up to 850 USD) provided.
Application deadline is Sunday 11th April 2021.

Full details of the residency opportunity can be found here :  Résidence Bucheon 2021

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