Angoulême, candidate for the UNESCO creative cities network!

Angoulême wishes to join the 180 creative cities of UNESCO and in particular those of the "Literature" category in order to have this identity recognized comic which is its own, built on an ancient and innovative experience. Almost 18 months will have been required to ripen Angoulême's candidature to the UNESCO creative cities network. Intense local mobilization was undertaken around established bodies for the occasion:-a technical Committee which associates the operational organisations of the comic strip angoumoisine (festivals, schools, development centre, representatives of the authors, museums...) as well as representatives of the public institutions in order to build the plan multi-year shares for 2019-2023-a strategic Committee responsible for guiding and validating the approach-a scientific Committee composed around the Mayor of the directors of the international comic strip Festival, the international city of comic strip and the image (CIBDI) and the European high school of the image (EESI) which advises the general strategy of the gait.

Moreover, in relation to the local mobilization of the forces, a close work with the French National Commission of UNESCO has been committed to build this nomination according to the main objectives of sustainable development of UNESCO and the Network's expectations.The Mayor of Angoulême also met the member cities of the network to take advantage of their experience within the CCNU but also to present the 9 proposals of the Angoulême action plan to the network. The French cities (Enghien-les-Bains, Limoges, Saint-Etienne), European (Barcelona, Prague, Milan, Ljubjana, Krakow and Edinburgh) and even Quebec and Montreal were very sensitive to the complementarity of Angoulême's proposals with the actions of the network. A number of projects have already been planned with some of these cities!