Melbourne City of Literature highlights the Cities of literature bookshops through a series of fascinating articles !

Angoulême’s Comics and Visual Arts bookshop, located in the Comics museum, joins this series dedicated to “City of lit bookshops” of Ljubjana, Québec, Edinburgh, Nottingham, Milan, Heidelberg, Iowa City and Krakow among others.

“Angoulême is well known for is its annual International Comics Festival, an event that reflects the vibrant comics culture of the area—something which has been growing over the past 50 years. ‘It is only fair that comics has its own dedicated bookshop in Angoulême, next to the Charente river where paper used to be made’ ”

A big thank you to Melbourne and the Books + Publishing magazine for turning the spotlight on our Comics and Visual Arts bookshop, one of the largest bookshops dedicated to 9th art.
Rich of 20 000 references and more than 5 000 new entries each year, its fund represents all the publishing diversity of international comics.

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