Discover Cities of literature, the website that brings together UNESCO’s literature creative cities of which Angoulême is a member.

Since 2019 the city of Angoulême is part of the UNESCO’s network of 39 creative cities of Literature, especially for its comics culture. UNESCO’s network of literature cities represents 5 continents, 28 countries, and a combined population of more than 26 million. They now have their own platform that you can visit to find out what the actions of this unique network are.

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UNESCO’s Literature Cities Programme is part of a wider network of creative cities that was launched in 2004 and currently consists of 246 UNESCO creative cities around the world. Members come from more than 72 countries and cover seven creative fields: crafts and folk art, design, film, gastronomy, literature, music, and media arts. The Network was created in 2002 by UNESCO’s Global Alliance for Cultural Diversity.

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