Angoulême in the colours of comics!


The City of Angoulême launches an International Contest on creation of “comic strip”-inspired street furniture!


World Comic Strip Capital,
Angoulême is looking to boost its international standing in this creative sphere by increasing the presence of Comic Art in public areas.
Over the past two decades, street furniture has been “decked out” in Comic Art: street signs, rubbish bins, letterboxes, public toilets, buses and bus shelters among them.
Statues and monuments have been erected: paying homage to Hergé, Corto Maltese, Lucien, there is also the Goscinny Obelisk and the Uderzo Menhir.
As part of its “Angoulême UNESCO Creative City of Literature 2020/2023” action plan, particularly guideline 9 therein: “organising spatial planning of the city through Comic Art”, the City of Angoulême would like to launch a public art commission for emerging artists to design an original piece of comic strip-inspired street furniture which will be showcased in a public place.


On the basis of local considerations, the City of Angoulême would like to give particularly emerging artists in the fields of design and illustration opportunities for creative expression, by designing three types of street furniture :
  • seating furniture, 
  • primary school signs to secure surroundings
  • a children’s playground. 


We encourage applicants to work as a team (designer / comic book author) to build their artistic project.


Applications deadline: 12 noon on Thursday 3 November 2022.


For this consultation, only electronic deposits are authorized on the buyer profile at the following address:
Faxes and e-mails will not be accepted.


  • 3rd November at 12:00: applications deadline
  • 16th November: international jury* to select 3 pairs on the basis of a general dossier (CV, cover letter, artistic dossier, conceptual note on comics/design)
  • 18 weeks for the conception with a study visit in Angoulême of the 3 pairs on December 5th/6th
  • 27th March: tenders submission
  • 10th/11th April: international jury to select the winner
  • Until the end of 2023: design of the furniture under the direction of the winning team, to ensure that the works are respected.
  • Inauguration of the furniture during the Angoulême International Comics Festival 2024


* Jury composed of elected officials and city departments, local partners (DRAC, EESI, CIBDI…), international artists, designers and illustrators.


You will find all the information you need below: