This week, Xavier Bonnefont, Angoulême City’s Mayor, proudly announced the entering of the city to the UNESCO Creative Cities Network:

“Today, Angoulême is established for good as the World capital for Comics and 9th Art! Very proud to tell you we won our entrance ticket to the UNESCO Creative Cities network by way of literature! A way of putting comic books and Angouleme city in the spotlight at the same time, idea voted in the Creative Cities themsleves! This recognition finally lends cachet to comics as a UNESCO fully-fledged literary genre. I am keen to thank the involvment of the French government, of local authorities and of every partner from comics’ environment of whom la Cité, the FIBD and the EESI, who have worked with us all along the last two years! A brand new dimension is now opened for us and work can begin! Join us on November 6th, 4:30 PM at Chais Magelis to celebrate this event!”

On the eve of year 2020, year of COmic Book, Angoulême remains the first city in the World to integrate the 9th Art to the UNESCO’s lines, and that’s just the beginning!

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